Eviction Lawyer Representing Landlords in Newport and Middletown Rhode Island

Newport landlord/tenant attorney Amey F. Cardullo provides experienced legal services to landlords who seek to terminate leases and evict tenants due to nonpayment of rent or violation of the terms of their leases.

She reduces her clients' exposure to potential tenant lawsuits because she understands the nuances of federal and Rhode Island landlord tenant laws.

Ms. Cardullo developed her skill in landlord tenant law while serving as an attorney at Rhode Island Legal Services, where she represented clients in eviction defense cases. She became very familiar with how termination and eviction rules work in Rhode Island. She taught a seminar on eviction defense at the Childhood Lead Action Project.

Today, Ms. Cardullo uses her knowledge of landlord tenant law to help landlords terminate leases and evict problem tenants as quickly and cost effectively as possible while following all applicable laws and regulations. Costly delays and/or lawsuits are the consequences if the rules are not followed precisely.

Eviction for Nonpayment of Rent

The Rhode Island statute regarding eviction is very exacting in terms of days, dates and time frames. To evict a residential tenant for nonpayment of rent in Rhode Island, the rent must be more than 15 days late. To begin the eviction process, Ms. Cardullo files a complaint on the 17th day of nonpayment of rent, giving tenants the right to pay back rent up until the end of the 16th day. A complaint filed on the 16th day would be thrown out of court and require the process to begin again, wasting the landlord's time and requiring the payment of additional filing fees.

Eviction complaints must be precisely written. The court regularly throws out complaints for simple clerical errors such as listing the wrong apartment number or incorrect amount of rent. These mistakes again result in more delays and filing fees for landlords.

Representative Client Landlords

Attorney Cardullo represents owners of large residential properties, including the McKinney Shelter and Phoenix Property Management. She is former counsel for Oxbow Farms and Rolling Green Bayside Village. Clients appreciate Ms. Cardullo's ability to protect tenants' rights while reducing landlords' exposure to litigation, delay and expense.

If you are a landlord seeking legal help with lease termination and eviction, please contact attorney Amey F. Cardullo to arrange an initial consultation and case evaluation. Call the Family Law Center at (401) 849-9950. She represents landlords in Newport, Middletown and the surrounding areas.

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