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At the Family Law Center, we believe everyone should have a will and a set of estate planning documents to ensure that their wishes are respected before and after death.

Amey F. Cardullo prepares simple wills and estate planning documents to protect your interests and ease the burden placed on those who may be asked to make decisions on your behalf.

A Plan for the Future

We help individuals, couples and families prepare for the future by creating the following estate planning documents:

  • Will: A will allows you to decide who will receive your assets and who will care for your minor children in the event of your death. A will also names an executor, the person or organization in charge of managing your estate.With a will, you can remember people and organizations that have been important in your life. You can even make provisions for the ongoing care of your pets. You do not need to own real estate or have significant assets to need a will. Without a will, the state of Rhode Island determines who will receive your assets.
  • Durable power of attorney for healthcare: This document allows you to decide who will make decisions about your health care if you are ever unable to make those decisions yourself. You do not need to be near death to need a durable power of attorney for health care. If an accident, illness or disease temporarily incapacitates you, the person you name will have legal authority to make health care decisions for you.
  • Living will: A living will, also called an advance healthcare directive, describes your wishes for health care should you be unable to communicate them yourself. Living wills are needed by people of all ages, not just the elderly.Would you want to be placed on life support if there is little chance of recovery? Would you prefer pain medication and other measures to provide comfort, but not actions to prolong your life? What would you prefer if there were a better chance of recovery? Providing specific information about your wishes can be invaluable to those who must make decisions for you.
  • Financial power of attorney: Another document for the living, the financial power of attorney allows you to name a person to make financial decisions on your behalf. You can choose whether to give this person power over your finances right away or only at a time when you become unable to manage your affairs yourself.

Planning for the future by obtaining a will and estate planning documents is important for you. By making your wishes and directions known, it is also an act of kindness for those you love.

Let's Get Started

Isn't it time you considered making a will? If you have recently married, divorced or had children, it is especially important to draft or modify your estate planning documents. We are here to help you through the process. To get started, please contact Frances Munro us to arrange an initial consultation or call (401) 849-9950.

The attorneys of the Family Law Center create wills and estate planning documents for clients in Newport, Middletown and the surrounding area.

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